Mount Merrion


merrionbefore Mount Merrion

This house in Mount Merrion was badly damaged as a result of a fire in the adjoining building that spread to the roof this caused damage to the roof of the building allowing water into the attic and into the drywall (when the fire-brigade put the fire out). This caused extensive damage which is visibly clear in the pictures. the damage was so extensive you could also smell the damp rotting walls in all the rooms affected. These conditions are unlivable and it can be heartbreaking when you have invested so much in your home to see it this way.

We were able to complete emergency repairs to stop more water getting into the roof then used the most up to date equipment to remove the water that the fire brigade left behind and we also treated the property with the most up to date equipment for smoke damage also to prevent molding, anti-bacterials growths and to remove all smoke odours from the property before completing repairs.

mountafter Mount Merrion